Serving Summons To PM Modi

$10,000 reward for anyone who will serve PM Modi during his US trip.

AJC, the plaintiff, in the Genocide Case against PM Modi has announced 10K Reward for anyone, including professional process server, who will serve PM Modi with court summons and complaint during his visit to United States.

1. As per the US Laws, anyone over the age of 18 can serve the summons and complaint.

2. As per the US law, summons and complaint does not have to be handed to PM Modi,,,INSTEAD, if papers are thrown towards Modi from a distance of several feet along with verbal announcement “here are the court summons and complaint filed against you, service, as per the law is considered accomplished.

3. During his trip to US, Modi will be in New York and Washington DC and will be attending several public events where he will be within several feet of the public to throw summons and complaint at him and earn 10K.